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Offsite catering specialist

I've worked with some of the biggest and best catering companies in Florida, typically as a supervisor. I take direction well, and there is no BOH task that is beneath me. I'm constantly learning, and I enjoy teaching as well. I know how to speak with people, whether they're guests or dishwashers. Successful events are based on teamwork, and that only happens in an environment of  mutual respect.

Chef Walper
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practical and passionate

I've been cooking professionally since I was 20 and I've always enjoyed the challenge of such a complex undertaking. My main focus is efficiency and quality. Whether I'm developing recipes, working on logistics, cooking, scrubbing pots or managing a crew, my goal is always to find simple and elegant methods to achieve the desired result. I'm rarely satisfied with the status quo. Reading my blog posts is the best way to get a feel for how I work.


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Past and Present Friends

"Jerry -  I completely trust you and your event leadership, it is outstanding!" 

Heather Hofmann

Vice President - Puff 'n Stuff Events & Catering - Orlando FL

"Chef Jerry was important to our operation this summer and his contributions will be valuable as we grow our business!"

Cynthia Stewart

Chef/Owner - The Harvest Grill & Greens at James Ranch - Durango CO

"Jerry's unique perspectives played a significant role in our success. He was involved in decisions that guided the direction of our growth and also worked on refining daily operations."

Terry Dalton

Owner - Unicorn Restaurant & Market - Miami FL

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