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The Road Kit

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

I might be a tool geek. Off-premise catering can happen in fully equipped professional kitchens, under a tent in a parking lot, or in a client's garage. Caterers try to bring everything needed to set up a temporary kitchen, but you never know what might come up. Here's a list of what is currently in my road kit:


  • instant read

  • infra red

  • wired probe (2)

  • bluetooth wireless probe

knives - 8

carving fork

diamond hone

kitchen shears

metal spatulas/turners -5

plating tongs - 2

silicone spatula -1

metal tongs -2

wire whisks - 2

vegetable peeler

mandoline slicer

micro plane

channel knife/zester

melon baller

oyster knife

cut resistant glove

disposable pastry bags

pastry tips - 3

pastry brush

butcher's twine

bamboo skewers

waiter's corkscrews - 2

butane lighter

butane torch


cable ties


In addition, my backpack will normally contain a flashlight, a backup battery for charging phones, a spare can of butane, first aid, an extension cord splitter, latex gloves, sterno, salt, pepper and more...

I also wear a holster while I work that holds my instant read thermometer, torch lighter, phone, sharpie, and sometimes a pair of tongs.

Definitely a tool geek. ;)

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